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Meade Group Alumni

Current Occupation

Graduate students and Post-docs

Meghan Dukes (2017-2022)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, John Hopkins University


Hyun Kim (2021-2022)

Charles River Laboratory

Casey Adams (2017-2021)

Boston Consulting Group

Hao Li (2017-2021)

Spark therapeutics 


Christopher Brue (2015-2021)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Pennsylvania 

Shaunna McLeod (2015-2020)

Teaching faculty, University of Chicago

Mike Caldwell (2013-2019)

Partner Operations Lead, Tempus Inc. 

Tyler Whittemore (2018-2020)

College of Law, Michigan State

Kaleigh Roberts (2013-2019)

MD/Ph.D. program, Northwestern.

Liz Bajema (2012-2018)
Medical Information and Review Manager, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Joy Kim (2016-2018)
Consultant, TekLink

Becky Sponenburg (2015-2017)
Research Technologist II, QBIC

Laura Lilley (2012-2017)
Scientist II, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Luke Vistain (2011-2017)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Chicago (Savas Tay)

Nikhil Rammohan (2012-2016)
Resident, Feinberg Radiology

Adam Preslar (2010-2016)
Chief Operations Officer at Hazel Technologies, LLC

Christiane Carney (2011-2015)
Medical Science Liason at Bayer, Chicago

Matt Rotz (2009-2015)
Scientist 1 at Illumina

Robert Holbrook (2010-2015)
Scientific Advisor at Husch Blackwell

Victoria Harrison (2009-2015)
Principal Chemist, Ecolab, St. Paul, MN

Marie Heffern (2010-2014)
Assistant Professor, UC Davis

Taryn Townsend (2009-2014)
Consultant, TekLink

Sarah Kamper (2010-2014)
Invention Specialist, Northwestern INVO

Andy Hung (2009-2014)
Resident, Stanford Medical School

Bryant Pollock (2014)
Associate Scientist, Phillips 66, Tulsa, OK

Dan Feld (2006-2014)
Project Scientist, Kimberly Clark, Neenah, WI

Natsuho Yamamoto (2011-2013)
Patent Scientist, Spruson & Ferguson, Singapore

Zhidong Ma (2010-2013)
Purification Scientist, CMIDD, Northwestern University

Lauren Matosziuk (2008-2013)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Wisconsin at Madison (Laura Keissling)

Tai Liang (2008-2012)
Project Specialist at Wil Research Laboratories

Lisa Manus (2007-2012)
Research Scientist, Colgate Palmolive, NJ

Amanda Eckermann (2002-13)
Professor, Hope College, Holland MI

Dan Mastarone (2005-2012)
Process Engineer, Intel, Portland, OR

Emily Testa (2005-2011)
Research Technologist at the Simpson Querrey Institute, Northwestern University

Renee Strauch (2005-2011)
Research Specialist at NCSU Plants for Human Health Institute

Elise Schultz Sikma (2002-2011)
Research Scientist, Cabot Microelectronics

Ellen Kohlmeir (2003-11)

Preeti Sukerkar (2006-2011)
Resident, Stanford Medical School

Dave Ballweg (2005-2011)
Teaching Assistant at Niles West High School

Alison Harney (2006-2011)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Albert Einstein College of Medicine NY

Laura Sole (2010-12)
Northwestern Law School

Daniel Fuerniss (2010)
Graduate School at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Ying Song (2003-2010)
Intellectual Property Technical Advisor at Ropes & Gray

Tulay Atesin (2009-10)
Assistant Professor of Chemistry at The University of Texas – Pan American

Alin Hu (2007-2009)
Lecturer, College of Chemistry, Bejing Normal University

Lindsay Karfeld (2008-09)
Postdoctoral Researcher at University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland

George Chan (2007-08)
Research Engineer, SRI International

Nona Ahankoob (2008)
PGY2 Resident in Internal Medicine at Olive Viwe-UCLA Medical Center

Paul Sillitti (2005- 2007)

Luca Frullano (2004-2008 )
Senior Research Associate, Case Western Reserve University

Paul J. Endres (2003-2008)
Senior Etch Engineer, Portland Technology Development, Intel Corporation

Peijao Wang (2003-08)
Senior Scientist at QD Vision, Inc.  Boston, MA

Matthew Hartings (2002-08)
Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemistry, American University

Kylie Barker (2002-2009 )
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Steve  Bull (2002-2007 )
Senior Business Development Forecasting & Commercial Assessment Manager, Lundbeck Pharaceuticals, Deerfield, IL

Alisha Taylor Bull (2002-2005 )
Associate at Leydig, Voit & Mayor, Ltd

Frank Femia (2002-2004)
Manager of Product Development, Putney, Inc.

Paul Lee (2002-2008 )
Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle, WA

Lauren Urbanczyk Pearson (2002-2007 )
Scientific Associate, Argonne National Labs, Bioscience Division; also Adjunct Instructor at Morraine Valley Community College

Joe Duimstra (2002-2005 )
Technical Staff, Agilent Technologies, San Francisco, CA; and Chemistry Consultant at Duimstra Consulting

Jiyoun Lee (2001-06 )
Associate Professor Sungshin Women’s University, Seoul, Korea

Jody Major Jourden (2001 -2008 )
Senior Research Chemist at Arch Chemicals

Bradley Ulrich (2001-2008)
Senior Process Engineer, Portland Technology Development, Intel Corporation

Changjun Yu (2001-02)

Brian Johnson (2000-01)
Managing Editor at Wiley-VCH

Jeremiah Miller (2000-03 ) –
Trial Attorney, US Department of Labor, Office of the Solicitor, Seattle, WA

Matt Allen (2000-03)
Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, Wayne State University Detroit, MI.

Timothy Hubin (1999-2000)
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford, Oklahoma

Carlo Quinonez (1998-03 )

Natia Frank (1998-2001)
Associate Professor University of Victoria

Elizabeth  Krider (1995-2000)
former Director, Government & Community Relations, California Institute of Technology; now Independant Consultant-Science Policy, Los Angeles, CA

Wen-Hong  Li (1997-2000)
Associate Professor, University of Texas Southwestern

Martina M Huber (1997-99)

Philip Dawson (1996-97)
Associate Professor, The Scripps Research Institute

Jeffrey  Rack (1996-2000)
Associate Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ohio University

Arnd Boettcher (1996-97)

Tom Welch (1995-97)
Novalong Pharmaceutical Corporation

Angelique Louie (1995-2002)
Full Professor, Vice Chair at UCDavis

Toshi Takeuchi (1994-99)
Director of Antibody Discovery & Engineering at Xoma Corp San Francisco CA

Jon Fritz Kayyen (1993-96)
Managing Partner, Efficiency Capital, Ltd; Chief Scientific Officer, Genmark Diagnostics, Inc.

Rex Moats (1993-96)
Director of the Research Imaging Core at the Saban Research Inst. U of Southern California

Andrea B Staubli (1993-95)

Former Undergraduates

Collin Lynch (2015-2018)
Post-bccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award Fellow, NIH

Zer Keen Chia (2015-2018)
Applying to Medical School

Abbey Filicko (2015-2017)
Clinical Analyst, PPS Analytics

Anna Preston (2015-2017)
Intern, International Justice Mission, Phillipines

Hal Baker (2014-2016)
Post-baccalaureate Cancer Research Training Award Fellow at NIH

Stefanie Lombardo (2014-2016)

Joseph Coomes (2013-2015)
U.S. Air Force

Richa Rathore (2011-2015)
Grad student, Washington University in St. Louis

Viktorie Reichova (2012-2015)
Grad student, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic

Heeyoun Won (2014-2015)
Med school at Ewha Womans University, Seoul

Eric Park (2012-2014)
Research Technologist, Feinberg School of Medicine

DongHee Nam (2013-2014)
Applying to medical school, Korea

Erika Schonher (2012-2014)
Analyst @ QuintilesIMS

Monica Sadek (2013-14)
PDRP Associate @ Genentech, San Francisco CA

Kevin Guo (2013-14)
Documentation Specialist @ Ingridion, Inc., Evanston IL

David Kasjanski (2010-13)
Resident, Illinois Masonic

Jon Leibowitz (2011-13)
Grad student, Princeton University

Rohit Subramanian (2011-13)
Grad student, U of California, San Diego

Hsiao-Tieh Hsu (2010-13)
Business Consultant, Applied Predictive Technologies, San Francisco

Terese Anne Mills (2011-12)
Med school, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia PA

Cameron Glasscock (2012)
Grad student, Cornell University

Kevin Dam (2010-12)
INVO office, Northwestern University

John Coukos (2012)
MSTP program, University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine

Dean Karras (2010-12)
Med school at Ohio State

Drew Rosenbaum (2008-09)
Med School University of Minnesota Class of 2013

Mark Anderson (2010-2011)
Masters in Biotechnology Program, Northwestern University, Jewett Lab

Mark Chen (2008-09)

Krutika Lakhoo (2008)
Med school at Northwestern University

Rachel Pantoja (2008)
Graduate student, Northwestern’s Neurobiology and Physiology Masters Program

Maulin Shah (2008)

Josh Abecassis (2007-08)
2008 Feinberg’s Medical Student Summer Research

Uzma Rezvi (2007-08)
Med school at Northwestern University

Elliot Farney (2007-08)
Grad school University of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Chemistry

Clifton Saurel (2007)
Grad school, Biomedical/Medical Engineering, Northwestern University

Sameera Kumar (2007-2008)
Med school University of West Virginia

Bailey Su (2007)

Saad Ranginwala (2007)
Medical School, Ohio State

Greg Blair (2008)
Med student at Missouri Medical School

Tracy Ooi (2006-08)
Graduate Student in Cell and Molecular Biology at University of Texas at Austin

Dana Liu (2006-08)
Med school at Boston University

René Boiteau (2006-08)
Churchill Scholar, University of Cambridge (2008-10) Grad Student, Chemical Oceanography, MIT

Charlie (Inhyuk) Baik (2006- 07)
Assistant to the President at Nano Chem Tech Inc., Yongin, South Korea

Adam Lewno (2006-07 )
Medical School, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Bobby Steffen (2005-06)

Euny Chung (2004-07)

Charlotte Mason (2004-05)
NSF predoctoral fellow, California Institute of Technology

Daniel Feld (2005)
Postdoc Northwestern University

Jerry Chen (2007-2008)

Nicole Li

Nina Novosan (-2011)
Student, Medical College of Wisconsin

Robert Hartemayer (2009-11)
Medical School of Rush University

Jeff Krimmel (2009-2010)
MD/PhD studying Molecular Biology at Case Western Reserve University

Will Frizzell (2009-2010)
Medical School at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Nader Tehrani
Medical School at Albany Medical College

Richard Cui
Medical School at University of Pittsburgh

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