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Meet the PI


Professor Thomas J. Meade


Principle Investigator

 - Postdoctoral Fellow CalTech 1988-1990

 - NIH Fellow Harvard Medical School 1985-1987

 - Ph.D.: The Ohio State University 1985 

Postdoctoral researchers 


Jian-Hong Tang

 - Ph.D. Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2018

The aspects of my research interests are designing, synthesizing, and utilizing new molecular systems for bioimaging and therapeutic applications.  In particular, we are interested in developing enzyme-activatable molecular MRI and FL probes for real-time tracking gene therapy and tumor imaging.  


Matt Bailey

- Ph.D. Wayne State University, 2021

- B.S. Grand Valley State University, 2014

I’m a synthetic chemist with special interests in physical and analytical chemistry. My main projects in the Meade lab involve synthesizing custom self-assembled monolayers on gold nanoparticles and gold electrode surfaces for biological theranostics and electrochemical sensing, respectively. I have an extensive background in magnetic resonance imaging, the design of small-molecule contrast agents, and chemical photocatalysis.

I'm cute looking and have a can-do attitude!


Angel Green Samuel

- Ph.D. Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, 2021 

I’m a passionate researcher who pioneers the designing, synthesizing and evaluating the drug molecules via analytical techniques, for an efficient biological application.  In the Meade Lab, i'm currently working on enzyme-activatable molecular MRI probe for the therapeutic and diagnostic application. My research background includes the design and synthesis of novel MRI contrast/diagnostic agents, triazoles and homogenous and heterogenous catalysis. 

Graduate students


Megan Kaster 

 - B.S. Chemistry (Summa Cum Laude), Oakland University, 2017

My research interests are focused on the development of lanthanide-based MR-shift probes. In addition, I am developing bioactivated nanoparticle MR imaging constructs with gold and carbon nanoparticles.

Chemistry of Life Processes Institute Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, 2018

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA F31), 2018


Hendryck Gellineau

- B.A. Chemistry (Magna Cum Laude), Cornell University, 2019


My work focuses on utilizing cobalt Schiff base complexes as novel antibiotics by exploiting their axial ligand exchange chemistry.


Medical Scientist Training Program, 2027

Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Fellowship for Nanotechnology, 2021-2023

Danaher Foundation ARCS Fellowship


Minrui Luo

 - B. S. Chemistry and B. A. Physics, Syracuse University, 2020

My project focuses on developing a theragnostic targeting tool for molecular MR imaging of alkaline phosphatase in liver cancer by attaching targeted ligands and contrast agents to gold nanoparticles for improved liver cancer tissue visualization and discrimination.


Chemistry of Life Processes Institute Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, 2022


Andrew Brotherton

 - B.S. Chemistry (Summa Cum Laude) University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 2022

I have a background in push-pull fluorophores for sensing and photocatalytic applications and am currently working on reagentless redox active self-assembled monolayers for biosensor applications. 

National Science Foundations (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship, 2022


Naedum DomNwachukwu

 - B.S. Biomedical Engineering (Cum Laude) Cornell University, 2020

My research background is in biomaterials and drug delivery systems. In the Meade Lab, I work on developing novel diagnostic tools such as high relaxivity and bioresponsive MR contrast agents and self-assembled monolayers for electrochemical biosensors.

Medical Scientist Training Program, 2028


Yiqing Lei

 - Master of Chemical Science, University of Pennsylvania, 2022

 - B. S. Chemistry and Mathematics (Cum Laude), Syracuse University, 2020


My research interest focuses on developing bio-responsive MR probes for molecular imaging of various biomarkers. My projects involve synthesizing gadolinium-based contrast agents targeting Amyloid β Oligomers, Cathepsin D, and calcium influx with a primary MR signal enhancement strategy of accumulation. My research background involves studying enzyme activity and translating them in vivo.



Caroline Elizabeth Bond

- B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies with a Depth Study in Biotechnology (Magna Cum Laude), University of Alabama, 2021

- Master of Science in Quantitative and Systems Biology, Northwestern University, 2022

My previous research has been focused on mapping the biodiversity of multiple different organisms using quantitative genetics and genomics. My research, in the Meade lab, centers around the development of new MR imaging probes to selectively target and monitor the spread of bacterial infections based upon unique species.

Undergraduate researchers 


Aarnav Sanjay Patel

WCAS Summer Grant


Kyle David Sullivan

WCAS Summer Grant


Whitney Grace Currie

WCAS Summer Grant


Isabella Alice Wallace

Summer Undergraduate Research Grant


Willie Tsao

Summer Undergraduate Research Grant


Krishi Rana

Summer Undergraduate Research Grant


Keaton Olson

Academic Year Undergraduate Reseach Grant

Lab Guard



Honorary Lab Member

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